Demon Linux is a custom Debian distribution that is installable using Summon. Demon Linux is not packaged as an ISO. Instead, I leave it up to you to install Debian. Summon will take you to the crossroads and possess your Debian and install red team tools and the Demon Linux UI. Summon is the future of Demon Linux.


Follow these steps to install Demon Linux:
  1. Download the Debian Netinstall ISO from here (390 MB)
  2. Boot into the ISO and install Debian 11. Make sure you create a non root user and no UI.
  3. Install git apt install git and Summon cd /opt && git clone demon && cd demon && ./
  4. Install Demon UI: python3 install demon -u (NON-ROOT USERNAME)
  5. Reboot and install applications: sudo python3 install all


All updates will be handled by Summon. Each time you log in to XFCE4, Summon will check for updates and display a notification. Also, the Summon icon in the XFCE4 panel will appear with a green dot, signifying the update. To update, simply run:

cd /opt/demon && sudo python3 upgrade

This will do a Pull of the repository in /opt/demon and update the application repository in /etc/demon/