Demon Linux v5.X

Demon Linux is a custom Debian Linux distribution that is built for web application and cloud penetration testers. I leave it up to the user to expand the distribution by adding in tools for other types of assessments but this distribution should have all of the tools ready at your disposal to carry out web application security assessments and bug bounty engagements.


The Demon Linux UI is built around XFCE4. The UI has many keyboard shortcuts baked in such as:
Windows keyUlauncher Search Bar
Alt+rToolbox Shell
Alt+pPython Virtual Env-enabled Terminal
Alt+tTerminal (Tilix)

The theme is using (or customized around) the Dracula Dark theme.


After downloading the ISO image from here, create a new virtual machine in VMWare Workstation and set the ISO to be the CDROM/Installer disk. Esnure that you have the following system requirements for the smoothest experience:
The login credentials are listed in the table below. PLEASE ENSURE THAT THESE ARE CHANGED AFTER INSTALLATION. Do not put this system online with default credentials intact.

After installation completes and you boot into the system for the first time, ensure that the passwords for the default user demon and root are changed from their default values (listed above) first. If you need to change the default username you can use the script that I placed in /usr/local/sbin/chglogin. This will prompt you for a few questions, kill all orphaned processes for the user and chnage the login name. This must be ran as the root user.

Next, if you need to chnage the default hostname of demon you can do so using the hostnamectl tool. Next, you will need to ad an entry into the /etc/hosts file for the new hostname like so: (NEW HOST NAME)

Then, simply reboot to take effect.


All tools will be located in your shell's path, or in the /redteam folder. If you plan on using tools built from Python, you can click the pShell icon in the top menu bar. This will open a terminal with the Python virtual environment that I built available to it.


This is an experimental release. This means that I am still working out how to manage update without having the users download a new ISO each time. Also, if you'd like to see tools added to the ISO, please let me know (@RackunSec or @ToyBoxNostalgia) on Social Media. I take no responsibility for any damages caused by the use of this distribution. It is free and open and comes without warranty.